Friday, July 13, 2007

Online poker - reboot

So I decided to put some money back in play. Did a little research, asked some questions. It's not super easy to get money in and out anymore. Everybody I talked to seemed to have lots of ideas on how to get money IN, but when I asked "So, how easy has it been to get it OUT ?" ... answers were always, "well it should work this way" ... or .. "well I heard this works"

So I'm guessing I wasn't talking to winning players :-)

I went the epassporte route. So it took me about 10 mins to sign up. Then they had several options to fund the account. I decided to try my trusty Citibank card. I've had this card since college, my first card. I've had it so long it's finally super duper encased in plutonium, or whatever they make nowadays. The test charge went through (of course) and I was able to check it online to verify the account. That took about 15 mins. Then I tried to actually put the money into the account ... BZZZZZ ! .. DENIED.

OK, fine, I'll try the next method, link my bank account to do an ACH transfer. This took a little longer. One day to verify the account. Then 3 days to verify the ACH account is routed properly. Ok, so now we are at 4 days and 25 minutes invested in this process. So now I'm ready to ACH transfer. Put in the amount, click OK, screen says .. SUCCESSFUL. Whew, now I'm ready to play ! .... wait, what it this, "Funds will be available in 10 days." 10 DAYS !!! ... this is internet poker man ! , speed of light and all that crap ! I didn't click the "Please use horse and buggy" option !

OK, I'm a patient person, I can wait a few days.

So finally 10 days later. Now I've got 14 days 25 mins invested. I'm ready. I log on, "Funds available" .. WOHOOO. Logon to FullTilt poker, click the fund account button, go through the options, takes about 10 minutes, now 14 days 35 mins invested. I'm ready to go money is IN ! -- Now just have to see the process of getting money out.

Sit down at first table, just a .50/$1 NL 6 handed game. Buyin for Max, 100xBB, three hands later, AA ... shove it all in preflop, caller and bad beat. Well, that took about 2 mins. hmmmm that sucks, I'll play a full table, probably shouldn't have started at a 6 person table. Next table, 9 handed same .50/$1 , buy in for $100, 10 hands later get into a pissing match on a big draw and WHAM, nothing. Well that sucks too. Proceed to go on tilt, standard story, move up couple levels to get try to get it back. Didn't have full buyin for that level, lost the rest in about 3 mins.

So lets see, 14 days 35 mins to get the money in, about 8 mins to get it out. All in all I'd have to say the process for getting the money OUT is much easier than getting it IN, if we are using time as the measurement of success :-)

That was a few weeks back, I have funded it again, and didn't run into such bad luck, and didn't go on tilt. Funding was easier as I've found one of my credit cards that works on epassporte and doesn't deny my charge as a "gambling site" like most of the major credit cards do. I'd give you the name, but then if everybody starts to use them they might wise up and stop. So just email me if you want to know. And it's not one of those debit cards you purchase at WalGreens. It is a legitimate credit card.