Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Quiznos ..mmm ...mmm ....mmm - Sleepy

We opened our new Quiznos on Saturday. I'll post some of the Grand opening pics on our website when I get a chance. Quiznos at Avery Ranch Plaza

Lot of work, but the system is slowly working. It is becoming easier each day. Still a ton of work though. I leave straight from my regular job and put on the apron and close the store. I'm trying to give mom enough time off so she doesn't burn out. We really need to get an assistant manager up to speed soon.

So guess what we did before we opened the store ? Hell yes we did, we had a poker party ! We had 29 people show up for the game, great turnout. We made them all free sandwiches. They seemed to appreciate it. Even had a few that NEVER had Quiznos before. I was really gunning to win, but only came in second. Had a huge rush of cards in the beginning to get a big chip stack. Flopped Quads in the first hour and took most of one guys chips. Then flopped straight flush in the second hour, with two people betting into me !! Awesome, one had the nut flush with the Ace, other buy was all in and caught his full house. Took them both out.

Got short stacked down to 2 tables. Mark P pulled an excellent bluff and took most of my chips. But then I sucked out on him 2 hands later to get my chips back plus more. Then slow played trip 10's and took another guy out. Got down to heads up with me and Rob. Went back and forth for a little bit until I flopped Queens holding AQs. Rob flopped 4 to a flush with A5s. We both got all our money in the middle and turn was the card Rob needed.

Good times. I'll be posting pictures soon of Vegas and other things. Many people have asked to see pictures. And I thought all of you came here for the articles ! Shame on you :-)