Friday, July 08, 2005

The Highs !! .......

Man, they really need to make Prozac for poker players. I'm sure they could get some celebrity endorsements.

- "Hi, Phil Helmuth here for the Prozac Poker Pill. I always chase mine with a Redbull and Vodka. Ask for yours by name where ever you play poker !"

So I'm on a high. I decided to say F-it and play at the higher levels. Two days ago I took my entire bankroll, all $168 to the $200 NL table on Party. I decided to roll the dice with it. But I also tried to play perfect poker by the book. I took that up to $325 or so and cashed out for the day.

Then this morning I sit down at a $200 table again and proceed to mow it down. All my cards were hitting, all my draws paying off. I built a stack to over $500 and then tried to make it to $777. Once I hit that I decided to try for $1,000. I never quite made it, had to get ready for the game at the house, but I came close. Here's the screen shot. Awesome feeling .... I'm sure I'll need my little blue pill tomorrow.

I'm still not going to tell you what alias I play under, so I blacked it out. You can also see the GameTime+ plugin for PokerTracker on the screen. I would NEVER play without it.

Screen Shot from Party Poker