Monday, August 22, 2005

Bloody Week

No I haven't defected to England. It was a bloody week of poker. There's this little thing called variance in poker. What a fun little word that is !

Problem with variance is that it swings larger the more loose and aggressive you play. Which I tend to do when I gain chips :-)

So I brought much of it on myself. When you get on a poker high, you start to feel invincible. That Jack-Queen off in early position looks tempting to play. And heck, why not bring it in for a raise. Forgetting that it is just a F'ing Jack-OFF ! Funny how you forget those little things.

Here's some observations I will stick to :
  • Don't play during the weekday before 6pm. Tables are full of rocks. If you do play, you better nut up hard. This is the best time to play tourneys.
  • Cards have no memory and most players have no memory of you. You might have the best table image at the LAST table you played, but this table is a NEW table.
  • Play the proper cards in the proper position.
  • NEVER EVER Slow play.
  • Be patient. Most of the other players are not willing to wait the 200 hands per round it takes to get into a groove. Capitalize on THEIR impatience.
  • You are NOT the best player in the world. There is always something to learn and observe.
  • Play one table at a time and pay attention. My best win rate is from one table play.

So you're saying to yourself, "This seems like one big setup for Scott to tell me that his poker account is dry" .... Au contraire, mon freur!

I did take a licking, but I keep on ticking. The account got down to $1300 on Friday. Had some brutal beats, but also played crappy poker like I outlined above. When you have a $2,000 losing streak you really have to internalize your play. So I brought my game back to it's roots. No more funny business. Only serious poker strategy. This should highlight to you the importance of a real bankroll. Imagine if I had cashed out. I would never have survived this swing.

Account balance : $2,370.87