Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hooked up the new Slimp3 player. Go get one !

I've owned a Slimp3 player for a few years. My old buddy Matt got me hooked on it. Most incredible thing ever for your music collection. I finally decided it was about time to get rid of that old stereo with the big ass speakers. You know, the one in college you bought with that PELL grant money that your were supposed to spend on your education :-) ... Sorry mom, if you're reading this.

The new SqueezeBox2 is awesome. It has built in wireless and I can even use it as a wireless bridge ! .. talk about functionality. The old player required a connection to a "server" to play all the music. This one still connects to your machine to play all your music, but it can also connect to something called the SqueezeNetwork. This lets you stream music WITHOUT a connection to your machine at the house. Lets you listen to things like Internet Radio, the Live Music Archive (awesome!), and ambient sounds. I listened to the sounds of the ocean and thought I was there. You can also get RSS news feeds, stock and weather reports, and the software is opensource, so there's a ton of plugins for it.

One problem I did have was deciding what to hook the new system up to. I didn't want another big receiver and amplifier. I searched the slimp3 forum and several people recommended the Roland MA-10A self-amplified monitors. I must say, these have turned out to be very nice. Good sound quality and takes very small space. I bought 2 pairs so I can hook up the old player as well.

Great system. Highly recommend it.


mookie99 said...

Off topic, but wasn't sure if you saw this blogger tournament from Pokerstars.

Also, headed out to Vegas Nov. 3rd and was wondering where all you played last time you were out there.

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Have a great time ! ... I wish I had some vacation left this year to hit Vegas again.

Here's a link to the trip report from when myself and Jeff went there over Memorial Weekend ... Memorial Trip Report

I must say that I LOVED the Wynn. Even though I had that huge loss to that moron. Too bad it was the last day, I know I would have gotten it all back plus more :-)

Trekkie said...

What, no Sonus player?

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Maybe once you are ready to sell me a used one :-)

I love it, but too much for me right now.