Sunday, September 25, 2005

Taking some winnings

I've read a bunch of poker books, but never one specifically on Internet Poker. I picked one up at the mall yesterday. The book itself is not that great, but it did have one sentence that I am taking to heart.

It talked about a "Double / Half" rule. A lot of people will make some money quickly in internet poker and then immediately take out all the winnings and play on the "house" money. Problem with that is variance, which I talked about earlier. I had originally planned to keep all the money in and move up tables. I've tried a couple of times at the $400 tables and had some success. Not near as much as I have on the $200 tables. I've been pivoting around the same amount with my cash. So now my plan is to double up and take out half of the double up, so I can buy coffee or something nice :-) ... I mean, what's the point if I play and play and play and at the end I just get involved in a huge hand and lose it all ? All these hours of play and not even a cup of coffee. That would suck major ass.

So I cashed out on Friday, and the tables Saturday night and Sunday afternoon have been good and I'm ready to do it again. I think this is an excellent plan, because I play better when I dip below a certain level. And my account will still grow, hopefully :-)

Now I just have to remember my logon for Netteller :-)