Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nother poker book

Got two more poker books over the weekend. I was highly anticipating Phil Gordon's new book, "The Little Green Book". Wow, halfway through and I'm very impressed.

Seems lately that every poker book I've read reiterates basic strategy. It is very refreshing to see Phil dive right into advanced strategies. None of that, "Texas Hold'em is a game played with 2 hole cards and 5 community cards .. blah blah blah" Which rock do you have to live under to not know how to play poker ?

Two paragraphs in the book have already greatly improved my online game.

"Big hand, big pot ... Little hand, little pot"
"The average winning hand in Hold'em is two pair"

I ALWAYS keep these thoughts in my head while playing. So I asked myself, "hmmmm, how much money have I lost with one pair ?" .... I pulled up my stats on PokerTracker for all games/all dates .... are you ready ? It's a bunch ..... I couldn't believe it .....

$5,767.63 .. LOST .. on single pairs. WOW, that's a wake up call. I've adjusted my game and it's starting to show.

For anybody interested, I did cash out my account a month back. $2,500 total. Had to put it into the Quiznos business. Something about kids wanting to get paid for doing their job :-)

I hadn't played in 3 weeks and then decided to put $200 back in last week. Even though I love the $200 tables on Party, I disciplined myself to play within my bankroll limits. Just been playing on $25/$50 tables and already up to $393. I can't wait to move up limits again and finish the rest of the book.

Better hurry up, because Quiznos payday for the kids is right around the corner ! :-)