Monday, December 26, 2005

3rd cash out from PartyPoker

I've decided to take a break from online poker for a month. I've got a trip to Vegas on Jan 21-27 and have decided to only play live games and read about poker until the trip.

If you've been following, you know that I put $200 back into the account on 10-30-2005. This is the third and final cash out from that seed money. I cashed out a total of $1600.76 from all three, for net winnings of $1400.76. Not too bad, I played mostly $100 NL tables and a couple of sessions on the $200 tables when I felt in the mood and the bankroll was right. It represents about 112 hours over the two months. That's about 2 hours per day and an hourly win rate of $12.51/hr. I'm over 70% for winning sessions. Last year I had a tough time making 50% winning sessions. I feel my game has improved, but there is always more to learn.

It seems like so many hours for so little money. I think I'll take this month to work on some self-improvement. I will enjoy that more than the money.

I'm taking $10,000 to Vegas and will mostly play $2/5NL, and take a shot at a $5/10NL game if it feels right and looks like a good game. But will also play if there are "poker celebrities" at the table :-)

WSOP 2006 trip is still in the works. If anybody wants to tag along with Jeff and myself, give a shout !