Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Man crush

Ok, I'm comfortable enough in my own skin to admit when I have a man crush ...

I mean, WOW, this guy has traveled the world, and is very successful. And he even achieved all his success before he achieved success in poker.... yes, Phil Gordon is the man !

So I'm reading his new book and decide to hit the website to see if there are any updates. I'm looking over the FAQ and I see this entry : "How can I get an autographed picture ?"

So having the man crush that I do, I sent the email :

on the way

Phil Gordon
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-----Original Message-----
From: Scott Hanson [mailto:scotthan69@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2005 11:57 AM
To: phil@pgordon.com
Subject: Request for Autographed picture.


Great new book, and I love that you modeled it after that great golf book.

I was reading through the FAQ on your website and saw that I could request
an autographed picture. It would be most appreciated :

- Scott

Wow, talk about jazzed ! ..... or jizzed ?? ... well either way, actual contact with a real life poker professional.

So in the mail last week I get a strange envelope from California .... yup, that's right, in my hands is a real honest to goodness autographed picture of Phil ! I've never in my entire life got an autograph from anyone. And going on my theme of life experiences and doing things that I haven't done, I figured this would be the best time as any to start.

I'll scan it in and post it soon, so you too can relish in it's grandeur !