Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pizza prices ....

Since when did Pizza get so damn expensive ?!?!

I ordered from one of my favorite places couple of weeks back, they cater a local game I play in, and I love their Greek pizza. But my mouth dropped to the floor when the delivery guy says, "$41.50 .... for one Greek Pizza and a large greek salad". Geez Louise !

Then tonight coming home from working the store, I hear an ad on the radio ... "Call us, we're open till 2am on the weekdays and 4am on the weekends .... radio special of $6.99 for a pie" ... Haven't had a chance to eat all day so I call them on the way home ....

"Sure we deliver to your area, what would you like ? .... ok, that will be $21.59 for the smallest pizza we have with three toppings"

"What !!??!? .... what about the $6.99 radio special ? "

"Oh, that is pickup only"

"Uhh ok, I'll pass"

"ok, it will be there in about 45 mins"


.... what the heck kind of extreme marketing is that ? You'll get it anyway because we said so.

My first real job was in Pizza during high school, and you could get the largest size we had with ALL the toppings and it was like $9.99 ....... oh wait, that was over TWENTY years ago. Crap, somebody email me about the price of gas in the old days.

Just did a check. At 3.5% inflation, my $9.99 pizza 21 years ago should cost $20.81 today .... Why is he trying to rip me off for $0.78 !!!!!