Sunday, February 11, 2007

Playing some poker

Settling into the new job, Quiznos is going well, found a little bit of time to play some poker. When I play I like to play long sessions. I think sometimes I enjoy the comrade more than the play. But of course it is always good to win !

So I'm playing all night, up and down, just waiting to get involved in a big pot with a huge hand. So the game is about to break, I bought in for $350 and am at just about that amount, so I'm ready to call it a night. Down to 4 handed and we all say this is the last hand. Guy raises to $12 or $16 I can't remember, I'm calling anything because it's the last hand. I have 10-x hearts ..... 3 people in the hand (of course Pat folded :-).... flop is .... you guessed it, all hearts !

I'll just tell you that the raiser had AA with the heart, Raouf had the smaller flush, he got away from it ... my fault. Other guy calls my all-in and I have to sweat the last two cards. He didn't hit and I cashed out about $880.

And that my friends, is why you have to play all night sometimes and not lose heart !