Saturday, July 21, 2007

Suck Fest a Palooza !

Had high hopes last night playing at Mr. R's. But alas, it was nothing but a suckfest. One of those nights where everytime I went to change gears, or had a great hand, nothing going right. No details ... you know I hate the beat stories.

But was nice to leave early and catch a beer with one of the guys. Although somebody tell me ... what kind of bar closes at midnight on a Friday night ?!?! ... Guess they are alergic to money.

So that makes it even earlier when I get home, so of course, like the donkey I am, I decided to lay in bed and play two tourneys. $10 - 45 man SNG, and the $18K guarantee $69+5. Made it to 50/350-something in the big one. Was chip lead at the break and got moved to a table with one of those guys that was pushing all-in everyhand. You know, the ones that entered the event, not thinking they would go far, and then the wife or girlfriend is yelling at them, "Damnit ! - we are going to miss the movie!, get OFF that F'ing computer !" ..... "Yeah, yeah, honey, just one minute." .... You know what I'm talking about, you've been there too :-).

So of course I decide this is great opportunity to get some chips, I have about 17K at the time, avg is about 5K at that point, and this maniac is actually the next biggest stack with 8K. Just imagine all the sickness of sick, one card straights, one card flushes, this guy was taking down. So I decide to go at him from the button with A4 ... he shoves UTG - I call with my A4, and he shows Q4. Nice, got him dominated ... not when the F'ing Q drops. Of well, hurt, but still left myself a chance. Still managed to stick and move and get out in 50th, 36 places played.

The other $10 SNG was FUN. I decided to be the donkey on that one. This was my favorite hand. I was in the cutoff, Dros47 was on the button, I make a raise, he re-raises, I push all in, and get insta-call. I call that move the prettypokerboy patented "All-In, Call, FUCK!" move. ACF for short :-). Here's the jabbing after the hand :

Dealer: WikiLiki shows [Qc Ah]
Dealer: Dros47 shows [Ad Kh]

Dealer: WikiLiki shows two pair, Aces and Queens
Dealer: Dros47 shows two pair, Aces and Fives

Dealer: WikiLiki wins the pot (2,260) with two pair, Aces and
Tournament Director: The blinds are now 50/100
Dealer: Hand #3011442656

Dros47: such garbageEEE
Dros47: my god

WikiLiki: I had the best hand
Dros47: do u know how to play poker?

Dealer: jenn1031 has 15 seconds left to act

Dros47: u ended up wit the best hand yeah because of
Dros47: but u defs didnt have the bset starting hand ahah

Dealer: jenn1031 shows [6d 6c]
Dealer: Ptpraw shows [Th Ac]
Dealer: jenn1031 shows two pair, Jacks and Sixes
Dealer: Ptpraw shows two pair, Jacks and Fives
Dealer: jenn1031 wins the pot (2,980) with two pair, Jacks
and Sixes
Dealer: Hand #3011449786

Dros47: but im not too phased ur luck wont take u far
WikiLiki: I had you dominated with the heart

Dealer: Soul88888 has 15 seconds left to act

Dros47: u had me dominated wit the heart???
Dros47: wtf are u even talking about like actually
WikiLiki: yeah I had Ah you had kh

Dealer: Dros47 wins the pot (800)
Dealer: Hand #3011455661

Dros47: so what theere were no hearts??
Dros47: i had an ace as well?? like that has nothign to do
with anythign
WikiLiki: yeah, but my heart dominated yours

Dealer: FITZY13 wins the pot (100)
Dealer: Hand #3011458681

Dros47: ahah COOL

Dealer: Soul88888 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: WikiLiki shows [8h 7d]
Dealer: aimjz shows [Ad Jc]
Dealer: WikiLiki shows a pair of Sevens
Dealer: aimjz shows a pair of Aces

Dealer: aimjz wins the pot (400) with a pair of Aces
Dealer: Hand #3011464281
WikiLiki: see there, I got sucked out on

That was FUN FUN FUN, especially when we went heads up again, I had much more chips, and he had me dominated with something like KJ against my K4, and nothing but the 4 came ! .... I got moved right after, so no chance to save the hand history, but I could have imagined the flurry of comments after that one.

Then I decided to play some REAL poker at the 5/10 NL. Did great and decided to withdraw my original deposit and play on the juice.

I'll let you know how fast it gets back to epassporte and then back to my bank.


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