Saturday, August 18, 2007

100th post !! - of course it should be about poker and the 'MAN CAR' !

Decided to play some online poker instead of going to the live game across the street. And after 3 tabling, (2 tourneys, and 1 NL game), and busting out of the NL cash game, I've decided to play only tournaments.

I've made the money in both the tourneys, I'm still going in the 24K guarantee, and made 4th in a 90 person $10+1 SNG.

Here's me in the 90 SNG ...

And here's me in the 24K, This was a minute ago, I'm currently 9/84 with about 81K chips, average is 45K. Wish me luck ! Top 180 pay.

Ohhh, I got the notice that the plates for the Camaro will be in next week. I got 'MAN CAR' !!! The ones I wanted. I'll take a pic when I get them on.