Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wookiee and Wikis

Our team was banging around ideas a few weeks back on how to drive traffic to our Dell TechCenter wiki. Dell had just announced corporate support of the Frag Dolls. Todd immediately said, "Ohhh yeah, we need the Frag Dolls in our booth at the next internal training event !" ... I, of course, whole heartedly agreed. Our manager on the other hand, quickly put on is manager hat and said, "who are the Frag Dolls?" .... well after explaning who they were, that put an end to that idea.

We had been making fun on the word wiki and rhyming it with wookiee, ever since we launched it. So I said, "How about we use a Wookiee to drive attention to our booth and site ?" Everybody seemed to like the idea, and in typical Dell fashion, the decision was made, green light was a go, and off I went to purchase a wookiee costume and all the accoutrements.

Now you see why I needed the NX-150 Crossbow !

But who shall we put in the costume ? ... we had just hired a new lab tech, obvious choice -- DUH .... but something about hazing and some weird technicalities in a federal law ... DANG !

I decided to take one for the team. Then Todd voluntered for 2nd shift. So here are the photos from 1st shift today ! ... Todd's turn is Thursday, we'll post some photos of him then.

Here's me acting crazy and beating on my chest !

Here's a close up of the sign directing people to our Dell TechCenter Wiki

Me and Dave !

Stop !, These are not the droids you're looking for .......
Me and Todd, Thursday the caption will change to Me and Scott !