Saturday, September 22, 2007

Poker problem in a nutshell .....

... Playing beyond my bankroll.

So this last time, I say to myself, "Keep $500 in, play within that limit and grind it out." What is that limit you might ask ? .... I had a rule of 20 buyins. So I should have been playing $.10/.25, but that is just too small, not exciting enough. So I said, "Ok 20 buyins, but no lower than $.25/.50 NL." So ok, I adhered to that rule, only 2 tables at a time, concentrate on the game.

It was working, ground it out to $1,267. Told myself, "well, maybe you only need 10 buyins, surely you can move up now :-)" .... So I played a few days at .50/$1 level, took a few bad beats and was down to $800.

This is where the problem kicks in, these amounts of money don't mean much. So I get uber pissed and put down half the roll at a $2/$4 short handed table. Play about 10 min, double up and I'm back to my $1200 in 10 mins instead of weeks. That's the problem, everyone can get a little lucky in the short term, and I have a problem trying to catch those losses back right away.

It's the AMERICAN way damnit ! Instant gratification, and pure dumb luck on getting great cards.

Ok, so I go back to playing within my bankroll, problem solved. I'm an engineer, I want the quick fix.

So this morning, what happens ? Couple more bad beats, I'm down to about $600. F-IT, where is that $3/$6 NL 6 handed table !! DAMN, all full, put me on the wait list. WAIT, what's this ???? a $5/$10 NL that needs a seat ? ... sure $600 is enough, I can get lucky.

Mmmmmmm, why did he go over the top of me on my turn bet ? Shit, I am beat, I fold, crap ! down to $294. Well surely, I can get lucky !

Mmmmm, pocket 5's in the cut off, I'm making a stand, raise to $35. Buttom reraise to $120, that's bullshit, you are making a button move, I'M ALL IN. CRAP, insta-call, you better have overs or something stoooopid. AK-off, guess thats alright to call a short stack ...

Damn, A on the flop ! ... ohh but wait, what is that ? a 5 also !! ... sweet, right back up to $600, please hold, please hold, please hold, WHAT, F-ing gutshot str8 for you on the TURN !! .... ARGGGHHHHHHH ..... NO QUEEN NO QUEEN NO QUEEN NO QUEEN !!!

River ... Q ..... &UJXDNFCCY$%BO&L N(OB&*C^%!!!!!@X&C^%I&^VUM$^#X%ZX!!%XZ$ZXX$#%X!%ZX$#%#@!%XC& CX%$@X^$#C&V^VB^&I&*(C^$!$#!%!X

Don't play outside your bankroll, EVER. If you need higher stakes to get your rocks off, just put in more money.

I hate poker.