Tuesday, October 09, 2007

... Of course we could have also sold the house to buy VMW ! - Booyah !

101.61 - VMW at close today.

Entering time machine now ... circa 1996. In my shared office with Todd.

Scott - "Hey Todd I hear Yahoo is going public soon, we should probably get in. I don't know much about stock market but I'm going to call a broker."
Todd - "Yeah, internet is hot, Yahoo is king, we can't go wrong."

... couple weeks later.

Scott - "Hey Mr Daugherty I'm thinking about buying Yahoo, you are old and wise, what would you do ?"
Mr Daugherty - "YAHOO !?!?, what kind of name is that ? Nobody is going to invest in a company with a crazy name like Yahoo !"

.... couple days later, 4-12-96 opening day of YHOO

Scott - "What Mr Broker !, I can't get in at IPO price, I thought I could buy shares at IPO price ?!?! ... I can get in at $32 ! .. that's like double the IPO price ... no thanks I don't want any." .. click.

So let's do the math, I had $1000 to invest, that's 31 shares. It has split a few times since then, so today I would actually have 24X as many shares, that's 744 shares ... what was closing price today ? ... hmmmm $28.37 X 744 = $21,107.28 ... not too bad for $1,000. At the height in the end of '99 at a price of about $500, I would have had 184 shares valued at $92,000. No way I would have held on to them for that long (that's how I cry myself to sleep at night :-)

.... Fast forward back to today.

Some say the market is beginning to feel like the late 90's early 2000 dot-com bust. I say bring it ! Those of us that lived through it might be able to sense a drop and at least be smart enough to be in the market and make a few bucks.

So am I selling my shares just because I doubled up so quickly ? I don't think so. I only invested 10K, wouldn't miss it if I lost it. What I would kick myself for is not having bought any to take a chance to swing for the fences. What if we are in the beginnings of a new dot-com era ?

... entering time machine again .. circa 2037.

"Hey grandpa, I'm working for VMware now. Didn't you do some stuff with their technology in the late 1900's ? .... haha, you were born in the 1900's you are sooo old ! Just think Grandpa, if you had invested $10K in 2007 when they went public, you would have $8,000,000 dollars today !"

"Leave me alone while I eat my dog food !"

- I LOVE poker ! (especially Omaha HI)


TripleNegative said...

Did you make thousands on your garage sale today??? $$$$$$

Chemo-girl was too achy today to garage sell!