Saturday, May 10, 2008

Raouf's Rebuy Romper Room

So I'm sitting around the house Saturday morning. Wife is out of town, house is clean, laundry is done .... what to do ? .. what to do ?

I've already got my daily fill of porn, must be something fun to do today ...

Ahh yes, Raouf's Saturday rebuy tourney ! I've been concentrating more on my cash game, but what they hell, tourney's can be fun too .. especially if you set out to make them that way.

So I decide I'm playing my favorite style - DonkeyStyle(tm). So how do you play DonkeyStyle, you ask ? ... easy, talk a bunch of smack and be ready to buy-in a few times. "Hey if I suck out on you it's your F-ing fault cuzz you called me !"

So I figure I'll put a few bucks in this $60/$30/$30 unlimited rebuys, with add-on at the hour game. What the hell.

So after about 20 minutes ... Eric and I are both in for 7 rebuys, 4 of us went all in pre-flop blind on the first hand, and of course gave Raouf a monster stack ! -- Geez that sucks ! Well what the hell, you're never going to get it back if you don't keep buying back in. It's the "dollar auction" economic theory in full brutal force.

Economics professors have a standard game they use to demonstrate how apparently rational decisions can create a disastrous result. They call it a "dollar auction."

So after the rebuy period, I find myself into this $60 tournament for $420 ! .... nice, what to do now ? .... Ride that donkey all the way home. Got lucky in a few spots (which you have to do with DonkeyStyle(tm) ) and was able to get paid off on my image. Got a feel for when the real players sensed I was tightening up, used that to my advantage a few times. And of course, Brewer knocking out Raouf was key ! -- thanks Brewer :-)

Alright down to three, wohoooooo .... wait, WTF ??!?! ... top TWO pay and second is $397, ohhh crap, I have to win, damn. Ohhh cool, Jason is about to knock out Paul with AA - ohh crap Paul picked up outs on the turn, ohhhh nice river, gh Paul.

Pocket 5's in the SB, limp and wait for Jason to raise, great only about a third of my stack - I call -- KTo ..... damn race, I hate tourney's, I hate races ... whew won. Just me and Paul now, no disrepect to Paul, but I think I can beat him. Paul wants a deal, fine with me, we count the chips and I have 2-1 chip advantage so we do an equity chop.

After all that I still profit $100 after tipping the dealer. -- WOOHOOOO DonkeyStyle(tm) works ! Still would of had fun even if I lost it all, just not as much !

Can you beat DonkeyStyle ? .. come to Raouf's and try to beat me biach !


Andrew said...

Is Raouf's a live game/tourny here in town?

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Yup. My favorite place to play. He spreads a cash game 3 nights a week, and then the tourney on Saturday afternoons.

It's 1-2 NL, but later in the night, sometimes earlier, there is a good bit of cash on the table and it starts to play more like a 2-5 to 5-10 game at times.

Is this the Andrew that I know ? .. that knows Mark and Adam ? if so, send me an email and I'll get you on his email list if you want to join the game.

Paul said...


It was too much fun - I had a blast!!

Your masterful donking skills did add to the excitement! From your fearless disrespect of raises before you to your unwavering ability to shove, I point my finger at you, sir, and say "Scotty Good."

Then, I hated it when you and Jason started to use your "poker skills" when we were three handed - I like poker a lot more when my opponents play poorly (than I do). I trust that you will attempt the ultimate challenge of donking through the entire tournament - after all, I did it (and on the cheap)!

Hope that you can make it next Saturday - I sure plan to!


PrettyPokerBoy said...

Paul !! was a blast ... I just don't hate money enough to try the DonkeyStyle all the way to the end :-)

I agree with you on the liking the game more when people play bad. Makes for a great game, and DonkeyStyle usually brings out the badness in people :-)

Great playing with you, hopefully we can get a few more people to the tourney, that's when DonkeyStyle really rules !

Andrew said...

It's not "that" Andrew - but you should still be able to find me and get me on the list...

Check the directory.

andrew m taylor