Monday, July 07, 2008

Horrible Service ! - Home and Beyond aka

Don't ever order anything from this place of business. or - same place. I knew exactly what I wanted so I typed it into Google's Froogle and found cheapest price. 3 weeks after charging my card, item never arrived.

Multiple (more than 5) emails to customer service with NO response. Calls to customer service, when I got through, she said she didn't have a tracking number, that was another department and she'd call back the next day. Typical BS, never called back.

One box finally arrived today. Here's how it looked.

Now I would normally blame the shipping guys, but the order date on the paperwork says 6-27 and I ordered it on 6-6. So that really smells fishy, like they got my emails and tried to do the right thing, but went ahead and stomped on my package. WORST experience I've ever had ordering online. And I've been buying things over the internet for more than 12 years.