Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why I'm not a Democrat .....

From an interview of Bill Clinton by Matt Lauer last month ...

He also acknowledged that there was possible danger in his administration’s policy of pressing Fannie Mae, the mortgage company, to lower its credit standards for lower- and middle-income families seeking homes.

“I think, through the lens of this, it looks like that was true,” Clinton said. “But let's go back to where we were at the time. At the time, they had lots of money, were making lots of money, and I thought too much of the money was being given out in value to the shareholders and compensation to the executives. And, at the time, we had a balanced budget and a surplus and a rapidly growing economy in other areas.”

TOO MUCH VALUE TO THE SHAREHOLDER !! - Isn't that the reason people work and invest and save ?!?!? ... to increase the value of their assets ?

Seriously, what's the incentive if you can just take it away on a whim. You stole my money with WAMU, you tax me to death, how am I supposed to help anyone without growing my assets and wealth ?

Anybody that knows me, knows I have a soft heat, and will always help others in need. I think that's the root of the Dems problems, they think the gov't should be doing this and not it's people. I bet if you were to ask anyone from any of the recent disasters where they got the most help ... I bet it's not from FEMA or gov't agencies. Ask them how the local church, local groups, and bigger groups helped. Guarantee you that Oprah helped out more than the gov't did.

If you take away Bill Gate's money, and Warren Buffet's money, how could they ever form their foundations ? Which are going to do way more good than any gov't funded agency will do.

Think about it ....