Monday, November 17, 2008

A bad beat story .....

I'm not one to tell bad beat stories. After awhile you can pretty much finish any beat story once you hear the beginning :-) .... I've started assigning numbers to them just so you can tell them faster .... "Ohhhhh so you had a #16 and he had a #32, then the money got in on the river he took you out with a #89 ! .... that sucks"

The thing that sucks about all the stories is the amount of time you put in at the table, only to have it end with a sick set-up or a sick suck-out. You do everything right, you wait, you plan for the pounce, then WHAM, gone, done, out.

So this story is actually submitted by a buddy of mine that used to live on the block. It resonates with me because I'm on a fun mission right now of building a bankroll from $0. Kind of like the Chris "Jesus" Ferguson experiment. I emptied my account to pay some bills, then used my points to enter touraments to win tokens. With those tokens I entered some single table SNGs, and now I'm just playing $5 and $10 single table SNGs to build it. I'm currently at $152 from zero. I'll let you know how it goes.

Without further interuption, here is Rob's story :

So Friday night I was wasted and decided to play some online poker in a tournament. It was a 5000 person tourney on Full Tilt and I ended up winning it, which got me a seat into Saturday’s tourney.

If you finish in the top 72 of Saturday’s tourney you play in the big money tourney on Sunday where top prize was just under a half million dollars, and your boy Phil Gordon was in the big one amongst other pros.

So I play in the Saturday tourney, and I’m being tight and patient. I end up moving up the ladder in the middle of the pack most of the night but I’m stuck at this table with a guy who loves to go all in and catch cards.

Well I flop the king high flush, I watch him move in again, and I regrettably call.

He shows Ace high nut flush and I get knocked out in 318th place.

Oh well. It would have been nice to actually play in a big money tournament for free, but getting even to the second satellite was hard enough... The big tourney paid out 678th place and up, with the minimum you could win was around $800. I’m still bitter about it. Just watching this guy continually put all his chips in with nothing and catch, I thought I had him and was going to be able to hang on until top 72.

I really thought I had his ass. Especially given how I had watched him donk his chips around for six or seven hands... I’m trying to tell myself that I couldn’t get away from the hand given the player, but it’s two days later and I’m still stewing on it... I did end up going to a cash game later that night and making a couple hundred bucks, but I would have gladly flushed that down the toilet for a seat in that big money tourney...

I hate this game...


k3597 said...

Nice, my failure immortalized...