Wednesday, December 03, 2008

W00T ! Vegas Poker trip in T-Minus 6 hours ......

Headed to Vegas to play some poker.  Main reason ? ... Professional Rodeo Cowboys can't get off of top-pair, top-kicker hands and are uber-aggressive with them :-)

I'll have full trip report when I get back, I'm taking my Dell Mini 9 with me, so maybe I'll blog along the way with key hands.

Most likely play the Venetian $550 deep stack and the $330 Caesars tourney.  Then mix in some $2/5 cash with the cowboys, and if there's any juicy looking $5/10 I'll throw some of that in too.

Wish me luck ! - Jeff it's not too late to jump on a plane, Rob, you too !


Yahoo said...

good luck!

eric said...

Good luck!