Sunday, April 24, 2005

First Post !

Sitting in a Schlotzsky's because the service at Subway on 1431 and Parmer sucked ! Can't wait until our Quiznos opens ! At least I know I'll get some good service !

We are going to be mega-successful for two reasons; we are in an excellent growth part of town and secondly I will be happy with making ZERO dollars. Of course you can always make less than zero, that would make me a little unhappy. We kind of jumped into this Quiznos thing on a whim, but we've got my mother as the manager, so we are guaranteed success ! We plan on giving her lots of bonuses to keep the place in the black. Any extras go straight to my retirement fund (i.e. poker bankroll)

Planning a poker trip next month over Memorial weekend. I am so ready for the trip. Going with a friend I met at work named Jeff. He's a very solid player and I've picked up some tips from him. I plan to play a lot of $3-5 nolimit and will try my hand at the $10-20 nolimit at Bellagio. Pretty scary, but I plan on bringing a $5000 bankroll, so hopefully I can weather any storms and bad beats :-) . Of course I'm trying to get Jeff to play at the higher limits with me, but he's more comfortable at the limit and $1-2 nolimit tables. He's got a wife and kids to feed and all that jazz. I've only got to feed myself :-)

I've been playing poker for a few years and plan on taking my game to a new level. I've been semi-good about keeping a log of wins and losses. I'd appreciate any comments on good record keeping tools and tips.

- Scott