Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pumped about the trip

Just got confirmation that my buddy Dave is coming to Vegas with myself and Jeff. Dave is a good solid player. He drives down once a month for my home game ($60 buyin nolimit tourney). He used to get his ass tore up :-) .... but then he became more tuned in to table position and starting hand selection. His game really elevated to the next level. I had a good physical tell on him, but I told him what it was. Shoulda kept it to myself, but you gotta help your buddies.

We were heads up in a hand, I had Ax suited and the board was 7-7-x. He checked it and I bet about half the pot. Then he looks at me, lets out this "sigh" and calls. It was the BIGGEST acting job I'd ever seen in my life. Turn was crap and he checked to me and of course I checked back. Ace fell on the river and he led out with one of those "I gotta bet just enough to get a call" bets. Again he let out this huge "sigh" as he placed the bet. I had to pay him off because I wanted to be for sure I had the right tell on him. Of course he had the 7 and I had the information I had paid for.

I try to go through the same routines when I bet to not put off any tells. Sometimes that's hard to do, but I think very worth it. However, I believe people put too much value in physical tells. I've always found you can get much more out of reading their betting patterns.

What do you think ?

- Scott

PS - Holy Crap ! - Dave just informed me that the 27th is his 10 year anniversary ! - He must have the coolest wife ever. Of course they are doing something the week before, so that makes it better :-)


Dave said...

Yes, I do have the coolest wife. We've been together for 15 years now, since high school. We defintately don't have that clingy, can't spend time away with your friends, new couple thing going :) Of course, going to the RiverWalk, Fiesta Texas and an entire spa/massage treatment in San Antonio the week before doesn't hurt. However, she may have sly motives hoping that I win big and bring home a crap load of $'s ;)

harmonie said...

I think Jeff has the coolest wife ever!

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Alright ! A cat fight about the coolest wife ever ! So Harmonie, you must know Jeff's wife ? :-)

Of course we now need to list all the criteria for the coolest wife ever.

A quick Google search yields criteria such as :

- Ordering NFL Season Ticket on DTV as a suprise.
- Purchasing a 24" flat panel monitor to play 4 poker games at once !
- BJ's every morning (whatever those are)

Others .... ?