Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Books I'm reading

I've got a few books on poker, some I've skimmed, some I've re-read a few times. I'm currently reading "Harrington on Hold-em" for no limit tournaments. I'm about a quarter into it. It's very good so far. I really like Dan's style. There's something to be said for someone that makes so many final tables. I'd have to say the main reason I read all the poker books is to try to figure out the styles that other people are playing and then reverse it on them.

It's the same way I used Caro's book on reading poker tells. In a game full of people that are fairly new to the game, but not total newbies, you can just do the opposite of what the book tells them to look for. Yes, it is generally true that strong means weak and vice versa, but if you KNOW that someone has just finished this book you can crush them. When you have the nuts, throw those chips in there with force, lean up straight and into the table and stare them down ! They will think, "Oh my gosh !, this is EXACTLY what I read in the book !" .... of course they will remember what happened, so the next time do the exact opposite. It will usually work that time too, and then they are all confused. Of course on better players you have to go more levels. "Is he acting for me ? , and how many levels is he acting", "does he think that I think that he thinks that I think that I know what he has ?" You know, all those levels of poker they talk about. You have a better appreciation for it the first time someone takes a huge pot from you using it :-)

So for all you people playing in my game next week, I'm going to be playing on level 1. Or do I want you to think that I'm playing level 1 ?? Or do you think that I'm playing level 3, when I told you level 1, but I'm really playing level 2. Ahhh Hell !, I'm just gonna play the two cards dealt to me and hope that are Aces everytime !

So Dan's book is good so far, I'll see how much of it I like in a few days. I'll let ya'll know if it's worth the money.

- Scott