Friday, April 29, 2005

Las Vegas Wynn

Brushing my teeth this morning and my girlfriend yells out, "Hey !, Matt and Katie are at the Wynn in Vegas, come look at this Ferrari."

WOW, a Ferrari dealership in a casino in a hotel ! I plan on playing at least one day at the Wynn, looks like an incredible place to play. Hey, maybe even Daniel Negreanu will come down and play the $10-20 no limit, if they have one.

Poker, such a great game. Where else can you play with the pros ? All you need is enough money. Could I play golf with Tiger Woods ? Maybe, but I don't think he'd have any fun.

Did I mention I played with Huck Seed a few months back ? Oh my word !, it was a $1-2 no limit at Bellagio, max $100 buyin. I got moved to his table and not sure how long he had been there, but he had a mountain of chips, at least $1800. Looked like he was practicing some theories, or just trying to get away from his girlfriend. My word, she was HIGH maintenance. Caused a huge scene, "Baby, they are only holding my purse at Gucci until 5, gimme money !" He was playing total mathematics at the table. Fun to watch, took a couple of pots from him. Of course he also took a few pots from me !

PS, also got word from David that Tom B, another one of our friends is hitting Vegas with us ! Woohoo ! Anybody else want to come ?

Shout out to Kevin C and his new child ! ... congrats to you and Kim, you name it yet ?


bagman52 said...

Ashely Nicole is doing great!