Tuesday, May 31, 2005

ARRRGGHHHH Where's my hairspray !

"So how can you even live up to the name of PrettyPokerBoy if you forget to pack your hairspray ?", says Jeff as I'm asking him for hairspray.

For those of you that know Jeff, right now you are saying, "Why are you asking Jeff for hairspray ?"

I've had this same "anchor-man" hairdo for quite some time. You can't pull off this look without the proper spray to make it crunchy and make all the hairs stay in place.

What to do ? .. what to do ? ..... Looking around the hotel room, I don't see much that could substitute. I called down to the front desk. Surely they have items for just such an emergency. I mean, a man without hair gel or spray certainly must qualify. If the Fab-5 were here, they would be calling 911.

- "Hello, front desk, how can I help you ?"
- "Hi, I was wondering if you have hairspray ?"

- "Hairspray ? mmmmm.... not here, try the Cafe."

What ? .... the cafe ? Ohh yes, of course. As the latte drinkers of the world are ordering their Starbucks, they are always on the lookout for the ultimate hair care products on the shelves of Starbucks. Must be right next to Crainium and the bean grinders. Why didn't I think of that before ?

Alas, no hairspray in the cafe. What to do ? ... what to do ? ...

A-Ha ! ... I did bring my shaving kit ! Looking at the ingredients of my Edge shave gel I see ... water, alcohol, glycerol ... mmmm, might have potential. I rub a dab in my hands and make it foam up. Is it enough ? , maybe too much ? ..... Hell, who do you ask about the proper amount of shaving gel to put in your hair ? I settle on a dime size amount. I'm gently applying it to my hair at first, just a top coat to see what happens. Hmmm, seems to be working. Now I'm really working it in. My hair doesn't seem to know the difference. It actually works out great. Even smells nice.

Crisis averted, problem solved. And the Virgo in me got to save money !

Finally, I can concentrate on my poker game. No way I could have done that before if I was worrying about hair #3,256 being out of place !


Anonymous said...

Scott, Scott, Scott, you being the movie buff that you are, did you forget about the movie "Something about Mary"? You always have your own supply of hair gel with you. Think man. Think.

PrettyPokerBoy said...

LMFAO ....

Trekkie said...

The key I think would be to make sure THAT hair gel was self applied, and not from your roommate.