Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Free Money Games

So now that I'm out of money in my online accounts, of course I'm playing the free money tables. The problem is that I'm sure it's killing my "real" game. Like when you play racquetball and tennis at the same time. Two different types of wrist movement, and don't forget that third if you are into that sort of thing, or perhaps lacking a girlfriend :-)

Free money tables are just a whole different beast. And I just love the people that try to berate the players for not playing "proper" poker. Come on .... like anybody is going to play for "real" on those tables. However, I do think they help if you just want to practice calculating pot odds and outs. You see so many hands so quickly and you have to do the calculations fast. It also forces you to play a solid tight game. You just can't bluff anybody off a hand with free money. What do they care ? It's FREE MONEY. That is unless you've seen them play for hours at the table. Then they start to put some intrinsic value to those play chips. "These are MY chips. I worked so hard for them." I know I start to get that way if I have a huge stack at the table. Of course I also don't mind calling everyone, because I have a mountain of chips that mean NOTHING to me.