Saturday, June 25, 2005

Better than Minimum wage .....

For anyone wondering how I've been doing at my online poker game, I'm better than minimum wage. BTW did you know that you can pay anyone under 20 years of age $4.25 for the first 90 days ! ... Man I wish I would have read the fine print on that poster. All our employees would be making that right now :-)

I've logged 24.15 hours, mostly on $50 NL PartyPoker tables, with a hourly win rate of $12.78. So I've doubled my money. My plan is to move up to the $100 tables. I feel that 6 buy ins is sufficient to survive, if I keep my head in the game. It's actually pretty easy since I've started using PokerTracker. I also found a plugin for PoketTracker called Gametime+ that puts the stats right on the screen. If you play online you MUST use both of these tools together. Such a huge advantage.

It hasn't all been winning sessions. I've had a few big losers. Jeff is helping by keeping me in line and concentrating on the game. We discuss hands and how to play them or if we should have played them differently. We've got two different styles, and we are making them both work.

It is like life ... ups and downs, but as long as we keep an upward trending direction and moving up in levels we can be successful.

You might want to know my ID on PartyPoker, but I'm not telling :-)