Monday, June 20, 2005

It is in the stars BABY ! - Numerology now has Meaning !

I'm a Virgo. With that comes certain responsibilities. Like balancing a checkbook to the penny, everyday ! ...... Questioning everything. I typically don't believe anything unless I see it for myself, or do it myself. These traits are annoying to some, but they bring comfort to my brain. Try explaining this to your Libra partner and watch the sparks fly !

My Virgo-ness also shys me away from things that are not based on hard facts and scientific evidence. Alas, I have come upon something that I can not ignore.

I've been able to squeeze in about 10 hours of online play. Doing pretty decent. How decent ?, you are asking ...... I was wondering myself. I brought up the summary statistics in PokerTracker to see my $Win rate per hour. And guess what I saw ?!?!? ... can you guess ? Can you see it .... ohh yes, $7.77 per hour !! Now who can ignore those numbers ? Not me, I'm a true believer now. Nobody can stop me, it's in the stars.

I tell this to Jeff. He's not overly impressed as he walks back into the office and writes 9.69 on my whiteboard. I'm confused at first, but then he writes 7.77 and subtracts them. Obviously he is gloating at his $9.69 win rate per hour over my paltry $7.77. He subtracts the numbers to show me his +EV over myself. It comes to $1.88. I lean back and look at the numbers ..... oh my God ! ... the numbers are speaking even LOUDER .....

- 9.69 is the month and year that I was born !
- 1.88 ... 88 is the year I graduated high school
- and the 1 is obviously for the #1 player in the world that I will become !

This is all too radical to ignore ! I must investigate further. World domination is not far behind !

I'm taking a trip to Guyana to find myself. I'll talk to you all when I return.

UPDATE - Jeff found the error in his math. $1.92 is the difference. BUT that doesn't change the fact that he wrote 1.88 on the board. There are other forces involved that made his brain function abnormaly. The lends even MORE credibility to numerology !