Friday, August 12, 2005

Moving on up .....

to the skyyyyy ... to an east coast apartment ... in the skyyyy yyy eye.

Drum roll please .........

$3097.13. But don't look at that and think it was just straight up from last time. Since my last post, I was down to a low of $1700 and built it back up. Played in another $20 MTT and got 2nd again. Gotta figure out why I keep getting 2nd and not first. Also crushed another 1/2 NL game on PartyPoker for a $701 cashout.

When I hit $4K I'm going to the next level. Maybe next week !

My current overall hourly win rate is $18.67 .... If I filter for just the 1/2 6 handed tables I've been playing, it is $44.75 per hour.

I've got 10,314 hands in the database. Biggest winning hand ? ... KK, QQ, JJ, AA in that order. I've won the most with KK .... Suprised to see AA at the end ?? It used to be even lower on my list. I've worked hard to get it that high. In my opinion, once you learn to read the board and can lay down a big pair, you've elevated yourself to the next level.

But what do I know ? ... I'm just a prettypokerboy who uses shaving cream for hairspray !