Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Made another bump to the bankroll.

Wow, an early night. Made another mild bump to the bankroll. Got it up to $2,565.74. Not too bad. Looking at poker tracker, I've got about 100 or so hours since what Jeff call's the "poker rebirth" date in May. Average hourly win rate is up to $14.10. That is definitely better than minimum wage. What is even better is if I just look at my sessions on the 1-2 $200 6 handed games that I've been playing since last week. Win rate for those sessions is $40.12 per hour. Now that is some serious cash. If I can manage 20 or so hours per week and keep that rate up, I'll be able to stay with the plan and move to the 2-4 $400 tables in 2 weeks. I want to have a minimum of 10 buyins at whatever level I choose to play at.

Anybody else have thoughts or experience on bankroll limits for the different levels at PartyPoker ??

Hmm I wonder what 25 stacks of hundred dollar bills look like ? When I cash out this time I am going to do it :-) .... you'll see the pictures .... of course I'll put $100 bills on each side of the stack :-) How much will it weigh ? Let's check Google...... 25 stacks will weigh 5.51 pounds !