Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Ha !, caught you ... you thought you were about to hear a bad beat story... nope, just regular old poker.

Account is up to $2177.61 ... which is not much from the last post, but I had about a $600 swing in there. I was down to about $1600 at one point. Just goes to show you the importance of a bankroll. If I had cashed out the profits, I would have sucumb to the "cash out curse" ... I would have been down to $100 or under and not able to play my game.

I also played a local 1/2 NL game after work. This is the second time I've played it. I'm still trying to figure everybody out. Couldn't get anything going until the end of the night. I was playing uber tight and every raise with the few JJ or QQ I got yielded maximum callers and a flop of AKx. I finally doubled up to about $320 when I turned the nut flush and bet it perfectly on the flop and turn to get all the money in.

Cashed out $343 from a $200 buyin, so there's $143 more in the kitty.

So I'm still alive and kicking, but damn am I tired. It's 6:21am central and I got to get a couple hours of sleep so I can work my two regular jobs and try to get this third one going :-) ..... F'ing 3 jobs ... why the hell do I need three jobs ! Don't kid yourself, this poker crap is a lot of work.

- Out.