Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Leaks are still plugged, bankroll rising..

I've vowed to never lose the lessons that I've learned. My account is on an upward trending direction. I've taken some beats, but stuck through on my game plan.

So how is that $700 that I started with last week ? Well just take a look at my PartyPoker account screen. Tripled up so far, not too bad. I've got some new ideas on bankroll management and when I can step up a level. I've also got some thoughts on what times and which games to play. I'll post my thoughts in a few days. I just need some more time to make sure this is not an anomaly. And of course all these thoughts might only work for the way that I play my game.

I really want to take a shot at the 2/4 game. But I'm not going to jump up too quick. Lets see if I've really got the 1/2 game pegged.

But wait ..... just look at the amount of money in the FAKE account ! I'm sure that's even more than Bill Fillmaff has !!