Friday, August 05, 2005

Back in the game ....

I've been in NY this week at the IBM xSeries Conference. Great to be with the old team. I miss the camaraderie at times.

The city is the same as I remember it. Took a walk to the Today show set this morning to try to get my 5 minutes of fame. Actually I already have my 5 mins of fame. I was in a national Payless Cashways commercial about 10 years ago. Well, ok, my 3 seconds of fame. You see my face at the counter grabbing a phonebook and then you see my ass as I walk to the phone. But it did play for several months over the summer. I've got VHS copies if you'd like to see sometime :-)

I thought about making it to Atlantic City and hitting the Taj or Borgatta, but found out it would be a 3 hour ride each way. So I decided to put roughly the same amount I would have taken to AC, and deposited it in my online account. I put $700 in on Tuesday night and played during breaks, between sessions, and at night. I just finished 2nd in a $30 2-table SNG. Got $180 and it put my account up to $1172.46. I'm sure once I hit $1200, Jeff will tell me to take some out and buy something nice ;-) .... Probably nothing as nice as his new G35 though :-)

whelp, I'm going to hit the 1/2 NL tables before I call it a night. Wish me luck, as I wish you luck in your poker endeavors.