Monday, September 05, 2005

Good weekend

It was my birthday this weekend. My girlfriend took me out to a dude ranch near Brenham to rest and relax. I got to ride a horse for the first time ever ! Man that was fun. We got caught in the rain though, and it looked like a wet t-shirt contest afterwards !

We met and talked with the owners. Great down to earth people.

The stars were very bright out there in the middle of nowhere. It was so quiet. Best time ever getting away from the store and the people. Sometimes you just need to recharge.

You might be wondering what my bankroll is looking like. I haven't written in awhile because I was quite ashamed. I played like crapola for stretch there, but I'll chaulk that up to learning :-)

I was down below $1,000 about 2 weeks ago. It really depresses you when you think about the things you could have bought with all that money. Then you just say to yourself, "I coulda bought that stuff anyway, pull it together man (shout out to Rhino !)" So I bucked down and threw it back into high gear. I'm back up to $2,560. So I'm pretty happy about that. And it's been nothing but slow and steady .... ooooo except for the time I sat down at a table and my first hand was AA, and got in a raising war with another guy and we got all in. I doubled up and left. He was pretty mad for me standing up and leaving the table, but I've learned to lock in the wins. Other days it takes hours to grind out that $200, and I'd rather go take the dogs for a walk or do something else than play poker for a couple more hours.

So I'd like to take another stab at the $400 tables on PP, but I'm going to remain disciplined and wait till I have sufficient bankroll. Remember that lesson we learned a few weeks back :-)

I also got 11th in a 1,987 person $5 rebuy tourney last week (only paid $160), and just got 1st in a 3-table $30 SNG. That paid $270. My goal until the WSOP next year is to win a seat. If I can't win a seat online, I'm headed there to play in all the satellites I can find. Jeff, Rhino, Rhett, Dave, start saving your money for the trip !


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