Sunday, September 11, 2005

PrettyPUNKPokerBoy !

Went to an 80's rock birthday party. Very fun, me like to play dress up :-)


Cueball said...

Nice dood.. I remember the 80's.. so fun.. wish i could cross my arms and Jeanie my ass back there! Now to poker talk. You need to come up to one my tournaments and show me how to play in a loose, very loose game. We had 17 people Saturday night. You can NOT push anyone out of the pots here. Someone, usually 3 or 4 people ALWAYS see the flop. Playing conservative only wins you a few pots because someone is always in there with a crappy hand and sucks out on you. I went out with AQ suited against and A2 that was in early position that called my raise preflop. Flop came 3 4 5. F' me.. One problem is a couple guys are just plain wealthy and are there just to have fun. It seems they always get the damn cards too.

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Those games are tough. You just gotta get very lucky. It's like playing the "play money" tables at any online site. The "value" of the chips has no meaning to this people. If you have even a slight edge, you have to push harder than usual and just pray. A "standard" 3x-4x raise in a game like this will not work. They will always call. You have to start raising more like 10x-15x to push any of them out. And if they do call and don't catch that inside straight, or flush draw, all the better for you and your stack. Ohhh, and you have to do this early in the game.

Good luck, I hope to make it up there soon.

Trekkie said...

nice fauxhawk. ;)