Monday, November 28, 2005

Local Game - Decent win

Jeff got hooked into some more local games. We hit one on Saturday. Cameras and locked doors, felt somewhat secure. Neighborhood was pretty run down.

It was exactly what Jeff promised ... VERY smoky, man I hate smoke, but I didn't let it bug me. Played from 9pm to 3:30am ... action was good, tight at first, but really loosened up at the end when some new/old players came back in at 1 or 2 am.

My first hand was pretty good. Got pocket Jacks on the button, raised it up and got callers. Flop of AAx, checked to me so I bet it out. Got one caller. Got the feeling that this guy was trying to establish dominance for the night. Turn was another A, he bets, I raise, he says he knows I don't have the A, he calls ... he checks and since I have zero read on this guy since it's the first hand, I check as well and take down a good pot for the first hand.

I think that helped establish my solid image for the night. But only for about half the table that would notice.

Most of the table was easy to read, a couple were giving me some problems, but I just tried to stay away and only play monsters with them. I picked at poked at the rest of the table.

Around 2:30am a guy that had left to go party on 6th street came back into the game. He was rock solid before he left, but he was waaaayyyy drunk when he came back. He started announcing to the table... "I'm gonna raise big with middle pair and draws when you guys have top pair, you can't call with that ! ... I'm gonna own this table." ... he buys in for $200, after surveying all our stacks. I've got about $300 from my initial buyin of $140. He immediatley puts a stradle on for $4. I'm behind him and will have position, so I call it with A10o. He raises his stradle to $14, and I figure he can't have much so I call it. Both blinds call.

Flop comes down 10-10-8 rainbow. I'm in heaven, trying to conceal my smirk. Trying to figure out how to make any money on this hand. Blinds check, maniac fires $60 into me. Wow, don't have to figure out how to make any money on this hand. I call the $60 to see if I can drag in the blinds, they fold. Turn is J. He pushes all-in and stands up, I call and he's acting like he has the winner, can't wait to throw over his cards. I throw over my A-10, and he gets a very defeated look as he throws over his Q-10. He's got outs, and he says "I got ALL the outs in the deck" ... whatever ..... river is a 7 and I take all his money. Great way to end the night.

He buys back in and another maniac buys in for $400 and the other guy starts raising crazy and paying off some of the others. I wish I coulda stayed, but it was a long night and I had to open the store in the morning.

Defintely make this game again. Bought in for $140, cashed out $490.