Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Vegas Status Report

Arrived yesterday around 9:30am ..... room wasn't ready, so immediately checked the bags and headed to the Bellagio.

Signed up for $240 satellite. Waited around 30 mins, everybody said the action was at Wynn, so I got a refund and left.

Wynn was happening, all tables running, lots of people. Got there in time to sign up for the Noon $330 tourney. 88 people in .. I got seated to the right of a guy that had been running hot. Everybody knew him, except for me. He had just won the Sat $1000 tourney at Bellagio for $25K. He said he was catching an incredible amount of cards. It was true ! .... in the first hour at the table he had AA twice, KK's and QQ's and they all held up. I made it to the first break, but was getting short stacked. Got JJ on the button, raised to $600, he called me from the SB, BB folded. Flop all unders, he checks, I move all in .. he calls with KK. Oh well, made it to 50th. I'll try again on Thursday.

I bought into a 2/5 NL game, after waiting for an hour on the list. I was watching the table I thought I was going to get on. One guy bought in for $5100. $5100 !! in a 2/5 NL game, and he wanted all RED chips, no greens, no whites ... crazy, preflop raises were always at least $50. I was praying I didn't get that table because I was looking for something a little slower to start with.

Ending up getting on another table. Avg stack was about $500, I bought in for $700. Table was VERY tight. Played for two hours and cashed out $900. Nothing really exciting, unless you count the guy that let me in from the BB with 72o and I flopped two pair, he turned K high flush, and I rivered a boat. He made two mistakes of not raising preflop and checking the turn to let me catch the 2. I bet 30 on the river, he min raised to 60, I reraised to 160. He thought I had the A flush, and got pretty upset when I turned over the boat. I'm sure he was just upset because of all the mistakes he made on the hand. There were two of them together, they were both locals and his buddy whispered to him, "Whatya doing? .. he's a good player." ... That comment allowed me to open up my game a little more and go on a stealing raid before I cashed out.

I'm waiting for the tickets to "O" to arrive. I left them at the house and my girlfriend had to overnight them to me .... I'm such a dumbass ... they probably won't even get here in time to see the show :-)

I'm headed downstairs to see what action is here at the Luxor, then hopefully the tickets will arrive, and I'm off to the Wynn for some 5/10 NL action.


Jeff said...

You've been tagged (randomly, I might add...guess that makes this spam).

Pass it forward...

Leemer said...

Hey, Scott...

Drop your old buddy J Leeming a line sometime.

And good luck with that whole "Go Fish" thing you have going on.