Monday, January 23, 2006

t-minus 24

Less than 24 hours from now I will be in Vegas !! The goal is to make money. I'm hardcore this year about keeping stats. I'm using StatKing, PokerTracker, and my Moleskin leather binder.

I feel that my game has improved since the last Vegas trip. Review my archives from May/June 2005 for details.

I'm bring all my skills (and luck :-) with me. Here's the pics of what's coming with .... bankroll, CHECK .... Journal, CHECK .... Great Poker Books of Knowledge, RAISE ! And, yes .... that is my girlfriend's hair scunci around my bankroll ! ... she doesn't know I have it, but it brings me luck !

I'll update this blog as frequently as I can away from the tables. I've got enough bank to hit all of the Wynn $300 and Bellagio $500 tourneys.

I'll probably warm up with some $2/5 NL to get into the groove and then see if I can find a $5/10 or $10/20 NL game ..... if it looks juicy enough.

My flight is at 7am ! ... who the hell booked that :-)

Here's the starting point before the trip :

- Total hours for the year = 34.25
- Rate/Hour = $9.93
- Confidence = 16.19%
- Std Deviation = $143.25/hr

We'll see how it looks after the trip. Wish me luck, and I promise not to bore you with bad beat stories.


mookie99 said...

Does the Bellagio still run $500 tourneys ? Last I heard, they went to $1000 daily tournaments.

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Holy Crap ! Guess I'll be playing some of the 9am satellites .... Bellagio Poker website

Or I'll probably just buyin, gotta take a shot sometime :-)

Thanks for the pointer.