Monday, January 16, 2006


My girlfriend is in Vegas at the Venitian for a work conference. She got in late last night and they must of been feeling sorry for her because they upgraded her to a monster suite in the Towers.

Something like 1600 square feet with an upstairs and downstairs. Incredible bathroom. Too bad I couldn't make it, I had everything lined up but didn't feel like taking two trips to Vegas. Damn, I miss her.

I bought a new poker journal. Same one that Hemmingway, Picaso, and Van Gogh have used. I highly recommened it. Feels great in the back pocket and projects that certain image you want at the table :-)

Although I hated to start this year's journal with a loss, I would only be fooling myself.... first entry reads :

1-4-06 7:30pm .... 1/2 NL .. buyin $500 ... 3am bustout .... Played great. 2 suckouts .... Net = -$500

That's the thing about this game ... mistakes ..... only takes a few to wipe out the nights winnings ... or luck ... but as long as I keep on the right side of making the fewest mistakes ... which I can control ... I'll take the luck, good or bad.

If you are getting sucked out, it only means that you had the best hand going into it.