Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MySpace ?!? --- come be my friend

So the kids at my work (Quiznos) ... mmmm toasty ! ... are like "Hey Scott how come your not on MySpace ?" ... "I searched for you and you're not there."

So I figured I got to stay hip and see what all the kids these days are doing. I'm an old school techie. I grew up hacking on my Atari 400 and 800XL computer with the 300 baud modem. Mine was ELITE because it didn't have the coupler, it plugged right into the wall.

I spent many hours war dialing ... Google it ! .... and actually hacked into the Taco Bell distribution center and added a few things to some of the stores orders ! ... Statute of limitations is up right ? I was also the Sysop of some of the major bulletin boards in the DFW area. And had some major contributions to the pirate and Warez movement of the day.

I was one of the first people to hear 10 seconds of a digitized song from Madonna ... Like a Virgin ... and said to myself, "this could really be something someday ... just have to figure out how to compress it more and keep the quality so it doesn't take 3 hours to download and only get 10 seconds of a song" ...... ahhhh the early days. Now whole businesses are blooming around MP3s.

So I guess we'll see how many "Friends" I get, that's the goal of this place, right ? How many friends do you have ? Somebody come be my friend !! ...... Tom is my only friend :-), I don't want to delete my ONLY friend.

Prettypokerboy NOW on MySpace !!