Friday, April 07, 2006

Finally ! - won my home tourney

Been a few months, but finally won my home tourney again. Only had 13 people show for the game, but actually enjoyed having a smaller group and being done before midnight.

Got lucky a few times at just the right time. Dragged a monster pot at the final table with 6 people in the pot and I turned the NUTS, and people were betting and calling into me. On the river I bet like 10 cents into a gajillion dollar pot and nobody called :-) Then I knew it was time to go on a raising spree.

Down to 5 handed I lost half my chips to Kevin B, when I raised and he re-raised all-in and I called with AKo. I hate calling in that spot and it was a mistake. He had QQ, I was hoping he had AQ, or AK, but ohhhhh well.

I got it all back from him a little later when I turned a straight and he rivered three 9's. The board was also paired and a three flush. He fired a big bet on the end, but not all-in. I replayed the hand and betting in my head and I knew he had to have three 9's. I told him he had three 9's when I called him, and he turned over A-9. Tough call, but I had to trust my read.

I got very lucky when we were down to 3 handed. I raised with 33, and Derek called me. A gorgeous 3 fell on the flop and luckily an Ace came on the turn so I could get all of Derek's chips :-)

Was a good night, and our dogs got to have a doggy play date with Marty and Jen's new mut :-)


Jeff Gray said...

Great Work! You're da man!!!


PrettyPokerBoy said...

Not as much of a man as you are ! Just a piss in the ocean compared to your gajillion dollar wins :-)