Saturday, April 01, 2006

Made it to 2nd break.

I'm at the 2nd break. 10th out of 130 left. Little above double avg stack. I can now say I made it longer in a tourney with Mike Matusow, Howard Lederer, and John Juanda ! ... Kicked all their asses !

Wish me luck. Would really like that $10G.

UPDATE *** 10:53pm *** 7 of 82 ... playing hand for hand. 81 places payout. Avg stack is 15,000 I got 40K.

UPDATE *** 10:54pm *** 6 of 80 ... bubble over, in the money.

UPDATE *** 11:18pm *** made it to the money 27 of 46 right now. Guaranteed at least $123. Need to catch some cards and make some moves.

UPDATE *** 11:38pm *** 34th :-( ... $139 ... big deal. Pushed an early raiser with my 77, and he had QQ. Stoopid move. Woulda thunk I learned that lesson a thousand times. 820 players entered. My first cash in a FTP game. I was beginning to think I was cursed with the tournies on here.


Jeff Gray said...

It looks like you are really enjoying Full Tilt. Thats great! I also like the fact that you get to play with a ton of pros... I got close to Final Tabling the Full Tilt $200+15 HORSE tourney yesterday. I came in 15th when my short stacked K,K couldn't hold up on a 3 way all in against 10,10 and A,K in the limit Hold 'EM portion late. I was playing with David Singer for much of the tourney and he actually sucked out a big pot on a 3 way all in, in Omaha H/L when his A,K,7,3 flushed out and I had to quarter the low pot with the other guy with my A,A,2,8. Oh well...
It was kind of cool to see that Huck Seed busted out shortly after me in 13th.
Anyways, I had better luck on UB. I chopped 1st for the $125K guaranteed. It paid $24K and change. My biggest win ever! Thought you would enjoy... (Nice to not have to depend on commission checks). Let me know if you hear of any home games in Austin. I am willing to drive up. I miss playing in live games.
- Jeff

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Jeff !

Yeah, been following your big wins. Congrats. Put that money to good use, you plan on moving up a level or two ?

My monthly game is this week, Thursday. I'm pretty sure I got you on the evite. If not just let me know a good email address.

Played last night in a local $1/2 NL game. About 3am we got down to 5 handed and a huge pot ensued between 3 of them and winner raked in a $1300 pot. Nice cash for him, but he broke the damn game :-)

Jeff Gray said...

Thanks Scott,

In terms of moving up a level or 2... I doubt it. There are a couple of tourneys that I have eyed but was scared to pull the trigger on... Like the $1,000 buy in on Stars 2 weeks ago that paid $298K for first place. (Heck of a tourney if you didn't get to see it.. Raymer, Fischman, Neverwin- Dustin Wolf, and some other internet studs down to the last 20... Raymer took 2nd). There is also a Pokerroom $1,000 buy in, once a month that looks pretty enticing as well, (been paying like $180K for first)... But I still think that these are still a bit above my bank roll.
I don't want to go in to a tourney where I am nervous about the buy in and I am just trying to get into the money. I learned that if you are just making it into the money in tourneys, then you are looking at a long run negative expected value.
The money in these tourneys is heavily weighted in the top 3 spots, and if you are scared about the buy in, there is a good chance that you will not make one of these spots.
I could also think about moving up a level or two in online cash game play, but I think that is -EV as well because I would be a tourney player playing against online cash game experts, and I think that I would be the fish in that pond. If you read Negreanu's blog, he has probably dumped over $400K in the last couple of months playing online HU against Neverwin's crew and Alltheladies (Patrick Antonius). He is definitely outmatched, and he admits that he has a lot to learn.
Anyways, I hope to see you on FullTilt sometime. My name on there is GrampaJeff (kind of an experiment).
BTW... Have not seen an Evite, but I have plans on Thursday, so I wouldn't be able to make it. I do want to play some live cash game though, so let me know the next time that you are hosting a game or going to one!