Saturday, April 01, 2006

Who the hell was that ... and deep into FTP tourney

Wow, who the hell wrote that last post ?!?!

I guess he was trying to say ... "People ! Save some of your damned hard earned money ! It is yours ! Not the people's on the TV trying to take it away !"

Whew .... My FTP experience is going great. I've doubled what I put in from PartyPoker. I'm currently in a $50 - "Bustout Bounty Bonanza". There were about 4 pros playing and they had $100 bounties on their head. We are currently into the 2nd hour of play and I'm 3rd leader in chips ! wohooooo , just got moved. Wish me luck, there were enough people that bought in to make the final table payout >$1000 each. Top place is $9635.

I feel it's mine. I sucked out a guy earlier with my QQ against his AA, when a Q fell on the flop. However I had him outchipped so I wouldn't have been out. It was HIM who was risking his tourney life.

I really like the structure on FTP. The blinds don't raise so crazy as they did on PP. I've got over 100x the BB currently, so I'll get a lot of play.