Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More VMware Demos for Mom !

Mom always wants to know what I do at work. My sister tells her I just collect a paycheck. She graduated college 2 years before I did, and she's 2 years younger ! I was just staying in longer to get smarter :-)

Well every time I try to point my mom to Dell's TechCenter website, she just says, "Honey, I can't get there, can you just put it on your blog ?" ... she still has trouble with right-mouse click and single verses double clicking, argghhh.

Well I just finished some more demos on VMware HA and DRS. I actually recorded my voice this time, so I think she'll be able to follow along. Here's the whitepaper on VMware Dell Solution Scenarios with HA-DRS.

The demos are flash and located on our website. Just click on them and enjoy. I personally like the DRS demo as it shows the real power of DRS and is easy to understand.


Anonymous said...

Scott --

You guys are doing good stuff. You should put up a RSS feed or at least dates on each item so I can blog when you put up new material!


John Troyer

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Thanks John,

Glad to know more than my mom reads my blog !

We are about to change our whole website to enable more things like that.