Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Getting the fever !

WSOP is about to kick off. Getting the fever real bad. Luckily my brain is wired right, or I would pack everything up and go play poker. Most def on my 40th year of birth, I will play in the WSOP. Will probably buy my seat, the old fashioned way. Everybody start saving up for the trip ! .... and it's not next year, all you smart asses.

Adam moved to Vegas a couple months back. I think he is doing alright. I call him from time to time. He moved in with a few guys he meet through craigslist that were looking for a room mate. I told him he needs to play more tourneys. Cash game is great, but such a grind. Need to get that one big score !

Ohhh and took the Man-Car out for a bachelor party couple of weeks back. Greg is getting married ! ... wow, when I met these people I was the old married guy, and they were all not married guys. Now they are all married and I am just the old guy ! .... with a HOT car and a great partner ! :-)

Pics from the bachelor party, who the heck had a camera !?!?!?!?