Thursday, March 08, 2007

Poker was good ... thanks for the sidewalk

Well, my girlfriend is back in town, so back to not playing as much poker. More fun to hang out with her. Not that I don't like all the smelly guys around the table :-) ... just kidding, only Raouf smells kinda wierd (you know I love you man !)

But thanks for the games, I almost stopped playing for a very long time, but read some books and refocused on my game the last 3 weeks. I decided to start with $300 and if I lost it all, I was done for a while. You hard core poker players know what I mean. Sometimes you have to get away to get a fresh perspective. Well in the 8 sessions I played I only had two losers. The first 5 sessions were all winners, the 6th was a $100 loser, 7th was a winner, and 8th was a $500 loser. Hate to end on a loser, but love being up for the time I had to play. I don't like saying how much I won (IRS is always looking ... so looks like a $600 loss to me :-) .... but I'll just say thanks for the new sidewalk on the side of the house. Didn't quite make enough to re-sod the back yard, which was the goal. But a free sidewalk is good enough for me.

I still have a tough time playing against maniacs, so I'm going to focus on that part. I'm sure most people find it easy, just wait for a hand and bust them. But I seem to get ego involved when playing with these types. So I guess I just need to go back to therapy :-)