Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to me !

Yes, of course you should play poker on your birthday ! .... remember this in 2006 ?

And this in 2005 ? .....

So last night I decided to sleep in instead of hit the game right away. So I went to bed at a decent time and hit the game at about 6:30am this morning, nice and refreshed :-).

Seat 10 is my seat, I texted the host that I wanted that seat. I got there and the guy in seat 10 didn't want to give it up. Ohh well, I like seat 1 just as well, and maybe that will be bad karma for him.

Not more than 4 hands later, I raise to $20 from UTG, with 9-9. Get about 5 callers. Ok, gives me a little feeling for what the game will be like.

Flop is 6-8-9, two clubs..... Geez could it get more coordinated ? Check to me, I lead out like 60 or something. "Raise" .... ok, fine I'll go heads up and take my chances .... "Re-Raise .. ALL-IN!" .... Fold, fold, back to me .... Geez, I guess I'm going to get sucked out on for my birthday ..... "I'm ALL-IN!" ... back to original raiser, takes a few minutes, and calls. Great must be up against flush draw and opened-ender .... NOPE, pocket 10's drawing very thin, and a 6-8 from the original guy that pushed all-in, drawing super-thin. I hold up and drag about an $800 pot.

Thanks to the guy in #10 for not giving his seat up :-), thought about a hit-run to get back into bed, but felt like playing.

Couple more hours in, 4 of us to the flop that was raised to about $20. I flop top-top with back-door nut flush. about 2/3 size bet on the flop from another, I call along with another. Turn is a spade and it checks all the way around. River is a lovely delicious spade. I'm first to act and lead out $100, get one caller, then next guy to act raises to $300. Board is not paired, possible broadway, and sucker straight. I'm hoping he has something to call with, I raise $300 more, and both fold. Drag another nice pot, he was on pure bluff representing flush at the wrong time.

I go into lock down poker mode, play a few more pots, donk off a little trying to build an image, pays off a little bit.

Cash OUT ! - 10:00am - 3.5 hours of play and $1075 profit. That plus the $7000 win from the tourney and vacation is about to be uber-sweet.

Birthdays ROCK !