Monday, March 10, 2008

Read this if you ever need to fix a commercial storefront broken flush bolt

Yeah, the best part about the internets is that you can find anything you want. The worst part, you have to somewhat know what you are looking for.

In the good ol' days, you could browse the internet, remember Yahoo all broken down into categories like the yellow pages ? Man, the Internet WayBack Machine is FUN !! Remember kids, the internet can also archive the things you put on it. Just because you delete it doesn't mean it doesn't still exist out there. It is all just 1's and Zero's and somebody is backing it up.

Today it's all about Search Terms, keywords, and the like. So when you break your front door latch at your restaurant, what do you search on to find the parts ? Well after collectively searching about 3 hours, I finally came up with "storefront flush bolt". Put that in google and you'll get to MrLock, a company in the DFW metroplex who will gladly sell you the part you need.

Or you could call a local repair person for $120, or you could call a local parts place who will gladly sell it to you for $38 -- but who has to order it and WON'T give you the name of the supplier -- or order it from MrLock for $8.95.

Poker is still waiting for me - 5 down - 25 to go - stoooopid water weight :-)