Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Burleson High School Class of 1988 - 20 Year High School Reunion

So I guess it's that time. I've got some pics from the 10 year laying around here somewhere. I'll try to dig them up. I pinged some people a while back on FaceBook and MySpace to see who was in charge or knew the lowdown.

Of course a simple Google search would not yield what I was looking for. I think 88 was that strange year, just on the cusp of the internet. Only us geeks really knowing what the world was headed for. Ahhhh memories, I still remember downloading a 30 second digitized clip of Madonna's "Like a Virgin", and telling my friend Roy, "Who the HELL is going to do this ?!? .... 3 HOURS to get 30 seconds of music ?!? ... I don't get it." .... such a visionary I was :-)

So let me see if I can get enough keywords in here to make my google juice really high. Probably some links back to the main BHS site would help too, but they don't have anything posted, so not going to help you there.

So if you are looking for the BHS - Burleson High School Texas 20 year high school class reunion for the people that graduated in the year 1988 or 88 or '88, as we dearly know it. You should contact Dixie Hailey Jenkins at txgirl88@aol.com - I have her phone number too, but you'll have to email me for that.

It will probably take google a couple of days to juice up the BHS - Burleson High School Texas class of 1988 20 year reunion keywords. If you link to my site, it will juice it up even higher, and quicker :-)

This is the latest response I have have from Dixie :

Hi Scott!
It looks like mid July --at the Pour House on a Friday night and a banquet hall in the Stockyards the next night. Please give out my email to everyone you have contact with and have them do the same b/c our biggest hurdle right now is getting everyone's contact info. We are meeting again at the end of the month to finalize everything.
See ya soon,

So it's looking like mid July for the Burleson Texas High School - BHS class of 88 reunion. Wow, our 20 year highschool reunion. In case you have Alzheimer's already, the Stockyards is in downtown Fort Worth Texas. Although I don't know why we couldn't have it at Dalton's corner in Burleson !

** UPDATE ** Ohhhh Joy of Joys, since I'm a good geek I continue to adhere to a backup schedule, and all my old bits of digitized 1's and 0's just keep following me around. That means you get the joy of possibly seeing yourself in some old photos from the BHS - Burleson High School in Texas - 10 year reunion for the class of 88 !

Have fun with these ! - I think it was a .25 megapixel camera, so enjoy the graininess.

Class of 88 - Burleson High School - 10 Year Reunion Photos

** UPDATE #2 ** - Wow, I must be a trusted site or something. Google juice is very high already. Just search on "Burleson 1988 reunion" and I'm the first hit ! - or "Burleson Texas 20 year reunion" - amazing what the right keywords will get you. Ohh, I also found this site - http://burlesonhighschool.net/reunion-info.html